In the Bag(s)

So a few of my most favorite bloggers (Drea & Danielle) have done this super cute post called "in the bag." Basically exactly what it sounds like, the same kind of thing you see in magazines (except diaper bags are way cooler then celebrity purses, right?)

But I have a confession, and I dont know if this is like a mommy sin, but I dont have a diaper bag.

I have several different bags I use.

Basically, how it goes down is this:

I have these two essential bagettes (totally not a word, unless we're talking bread, but we're not) that I made which go in whatever bag I am carrying.

 1. Seventh Generation Diapers
 2. Cloth diaper cover (Thirstie)
 3. Diaper liner (gDiaper)
 4. California Baby "Diaper Area Wash."
1. Pro Bugs Organic Milk Kefir -Whole Foods(thanks auntie, Cruz loves them!)
2. Happy Baby organic baby food...great for on the run
3. Dr. Brown's training sippy cup
4. Green Spout eco-friendly containers - Whole Foods
5. Horizon Organic Milk - Whole Foods (great b/c you dont have to refrigerate it)
6. Earths Best cereal bars - local health food store
7. Yummy Earth Organic Juice Lolli (don't judge) - Whole Foods

So those two bags stayed stalked and rotate in and out of one of these five diaper bags. 

 My "across the chest, doing a lot of walking" bag
 My "everything but the kitchen sink" and only real diaper bag.
Timi & Leslie

 "Always in my car" (my fave)

 "Grab and Go" (opens up to twice the size in picture)

"Around town"
Whole Foods

I would live in Whole Foods if they would let me.

All together now
The floaters

1. Leggings? I dont know why those were in there... in case I needed them. Maybe I was reminiscing of my B.C (before Cruz) days...
2. Bib 
3. Shoes (for an almost walker)
4/5/6. Favorite toys
7. Extra shirt

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