One of my most treasured Christmas presents this year was from my Grandpa. 

I got so many amazing gifts this year (including livestock!) but this one was such a surprise and something I have wanted in the worst way for the longest time. 

As my sweet Grandpa heads in for triple bypass surgery this month, I hope to find a little comfort in the sounds that come from this old player. 
Please keep him in your prayers.


Similar to the annual trip to San Francisco this year, I pretty much took zero pictures of Christmas morning. I always feel sad after the fact when I don't have any photos of a special event for Cruz, but I strive every day to live more in the moment and a lot of time that comes at the sacrifice of good photos. I just try to keep in mind that the lack of good photos signifies the abundance of good memories that were made instead. 

Here are the only ones from Christmas. 

Breakfast being had in his new fort

Some Christmas morning ironing on his new ironing board
(with a new tricycle in the background)

Have Sit-and-Spin, will travel

Cruz working on his self portrait skills

What an amazing, hectic, down to the wire holiday it as been. 
So thankful for another year with this little man of mine. He is, and will always be, my very best (and favorite) gift. 


San Francisco

We made our annual trip to the City earlier this month. 

Its been a Christmas tradition for my family for several years now. Although, this year, it was a little bit last minute so I was pretty ill equipped as far as photo taking. 

You can see all the fun things, like the huge castle cake and designer chocolates, on last years post (can you believe just how little Cruz looks)!

Here are the very few photos we were able to snag this year. 

Taking it all in

Store front

Roasted Chestnuts

He sat himself in this chair and instructed me to take his picture. The gallery attendant remarked "He wouldn't be an only child would he?" My little ham.

Designer chocolates = dirty fingers 

Several failed attempts at a Mama/Baby photo

I love this little tradition that we have and its so fun to add new stops and sights to the trip each year. 
Its an ever evolving tradition, isn't that the most contradicting best kind there is?


My Little Boy on His Last Day with Long Hair

We cut it the next day. It was traumatic for everyone involved (save Cruz's Papa as it was per his request). Cruz cried, I tried not to. 

I miss these sweet, long curls. 
They are now tucked away in a baby book. 
It's growing back quickly and I hope we dont have to cut it again for a long, long time. 

p.s do you love his red velvet vest!?


What a crazy season this has been!

Between school and Christmas-ing and Mama-ing, I've been in over my head for a bit. 

But school is on break now so I hope that I will be able to give a little more attention to this space that I love so much. 

I have had so many fun experiences and made so many fun memories with my little guy over this holiday season. Its been amazing to see how much he has grown and changed since last year at this time. I miss that little baby so much, yet I love this new little guy more then words can say. 

It's so late, but here was Cruz and I's Christmas card this year. 

Hopefully I'll be back today or tomorrow with some of our amazing Christmas scores!