Cruz's Lullaby

I don't know where it started. But I know I have never seen it printed or heard it sang anywhere outside of my family. I know my mothers mother sang it to her and in turn she sang it to me. Now I sing it to my son every night at bedtime.

Dear Lady of Fatima, we come on bended knees
To pledge our love and offer thee a rosarie each day
There are millions and millions of steeples
Counting the big and the small
And they all point up to heaven, saying there's room for all
There's a gate to that heavenly kingdom
And the key to that gate is a prayer
And no one is questioned or humbled in spite of the cross that they bear
So why must life hang on a string
And why can't we all live like brothers and sisters
As the Lady of Fatima says "I do believe in miracles and helping the lost on their way, it's the good Lords way of saying, Let us pray."


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Forgive Me if I Start to Cry...

Because I am going to be talking about Cruz's first birthday (tear, tear).

Yes, he turns 1 in two short months!

1 whole entire year old!

Where did the time go? Far too fast, my friends, far too fast.

But alas it is upon us. And I need some serious help figuring out what kind of party to throw!!!

We are just getting ready to move (the week after Christmas! Makes for a hectic holiday season!) and the new place will be on 1 acre. So I am hoping that we might be able to have it there. But we are renting, so I will have to see if I can get permission from the landlord...and I am not quite sure about it. For some reason, I am not getting a great vibe from her. And I am pretty good at vibing people. But it would be awesome if we could do it there because it would save on having to pay for a location. Last time I checked, Papa and I were planning to do his first birthday party together (awkward, you say?) And seeing as we both have HUGE families (my baby shower had over 80 people at it!!!) we definitely need a location that can accommodate a lot of people. And I really want to do something that is outside, because I think that would be the best way to get all those people in one place. And because I am in love with this picture... 

I have had this picture on my desktop for a while and dont know the source. If you know or are the source, please let me know!

I love that its outside in the trees (the new property looks just like this. Perfect!) I love the different color chairs and the king hats and the bunting flags and, well, everything about it!

I have no idea what the theme would be. And I am the kind of person that HAS to have a theme. You know?

I am actually kind of hoping that Papa and I can do it together because I most definitely cannot afford to have a party for Cruz by myself. At all. And I really, really want Cruz to have a first birthday party. Its important to me for some reason. But Lord knows, the fact that its important to me isn't going to make it any more affordable. I would be super sad if I didn't get to have a party for him, but then again, disappointment is an emotion that I have become very familiar with. We go way back. And we have been getting to know each other very well as of late.

Either way, I still love to daydream about ideas for the big day. The day that my baby stops being a baby :(

Any ideas on fantastic, affordable party ideas!?

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Keeping the Peace

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I Left my Heart in San Francisco

I love the city. I always have.
I love to go there. And then come home to my quiet, clean, slow-paced, small-town life.

I used to go to school in San Francisco, in the heart of Union Square. I always daydreamed about being a big city girl. All suave and posh and what not.

Alas, I am not. Small town girl allllllll the way. Its where my heart is.

I know my neighbors.  I can always find a parking space. Sidewalk rarely ever smell like urine. Just a few of the things that you miss out on when you live in a large city.

My grandfather on the other hand... I am pretty sure he turns into a toad if he is not in back in the city by sundown. He has always lived there. Could tell you anything you could ever need to know (or not know) about San Francisco. Fabulously "city-suave."

To each his own.

But I had a feeling that Cruz would just love the city. And love it he did! I took him down to Union Square to see the lights and hear the music. My family always makes a trip out of it during the holidays; we act like tourists, ride the street cars, wear our camera's around our necks, matching sweatshirts, the whole nine.

Gassing up on the way down. Cruz has to get out of his seat EVERY time we stop or things get dicey. 

The only picture of Cruz and I.

 Memorized by the foodcourt. Like he was watching the onset of Armageddon or something.

These are chocolates!! Crazy right?

Check out these flavors.  Balsamic chocolate?

 He loved the music. I couldn't even get a picture of his face because every time we would tried to turn him towards the camera he would twist and squirm to face the musicians. 

This is a cake!

Weighed over 1,000 pds!
Made by one man. Took over 350 hours.

Cruz was the biggest trooper ever! He enjoyed every second of walking around in the freezing cold, on jam packed streets, in the most unsupportive shoes ever. Probably because he was all snugly and warm in his carrier. This behavior definitely constitutes another trip to the city for my boy soon!

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Honestly, this girl is amazing. I could not be more psyched to share her here on BMT. She really has an awesome talent. She provided me with a fantastic interview, so I will let her and her work speak for itself.

How did you get started making your gorgeous Etsy shop products?

I learned a lot about sewing from my mom (she's ridiculously good looking, super amazing and a fabulous seamstress... just sayin'...)... in high school and college I spent a lot of time sewing up simple skirts and pillows... I took a break from sewing for a handful of years... until last fall... I was shopping around on-line and saw this gorgeous sweatshirt that I just fell in love with... Unfortunately it was way out of my price range... in an effort to be hip without breaking the bank I attempted making one myself! It ended up being a huge hit with all of my friends which led me to sell about 15 sweatshirts in the matter of a month... A year later, I'm finally giving a formal "go of it" on etsy!

 Upcycled French Hoodie- Turquoise

How did you decide on Etta Grace as the name for your shop?

It was kind of tough coming up with a name for my shop... I spent a few weeks really brainstorming with my husband and friends... finally I landed on Etta Grace, named after my two gorgeous sisters... They are the most incredible girls and I thought it would be great to name the shop after two chicks so dear to my heart!

Tell us a bit about yourself- where are you from, what are your hobbies, what are your interests?

I grew up in the bay area of California...but moved to Chicago when I was in high school... I'm the oldest of 9 kids so things can be a bit crazy when we're all home... Right after college I caught the travel bug and spent the next five years in Hawaii, then Switzerland, and finally Idaho... I'm currently back in Chicago pursuing a graduate degree!

Christmas Parisian Pouf

Hmmm... Hobbies and interests... Most of my time is taken up with work and school... but when I'm not busy with that "blah-blah-blahness"... I love to run... sip (ok, gulp) coffee... shop at Anthropologie (sigh... love that store...) read... spend time with my handsome hubs... and this time of year... watch endless amounts of Christmas movies!

Cream/Gray Petal French Hoodie (My Fav)

What is your favorite item in your Etsy shop and why?

Right now my favorite item in my etsy shop is the "french hoodie" in eggplant! I just love it! It's so great because it can be dressed up with jeans and heels... or down with tennis shoes... I've worn mine out a lot in the past month and am complimented on it all the time... I like to feel like it's "Anthro" inspired....

Upcycled French Hoodie- Eggplant

Any other info you want to share with my readers?

I love working with all sorts of textures and colors. The great thing about EttaGrace's products are that they're individually handmade and unique. If you see a design you love, but would like it in another color I'd be happy to accommodate any and all creative requests! Custom orders are my specialty! 

 Parisian Pouf


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Christmas Card!

Cruz and I finally sent out our Christmas cards! I didn't want to post it on here until I had them mailed out to my family and friends. Love, Love, LOVE Shutterfly!

Retro Love Holiday Card
Shop hundreds of holiday photo cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.



I don't know if you know this about me, but I am a FREAK about baby carriers. I own 9! So I could not be more excited to introduce my latest sponsor Mia from SlingBabe.

How does she create such amazing slings you ask? Because she is also a fashion designer working for Polo Ralph Lauren in NYC. And if that's not enough to drool over, here is a little bit more bio on her:

"We live a city/country life - spending half our time in NYC and half our time renovating an old farmhouse in a remote spot up in the mountains...and living in a 1977 Airstream Trailer we gutted and redesigned inside."

And isn't her son Teo the cutest? Mia and psychologist husband, Evan refer to their baby as a "chubby, happy little guy." Not to mention the perfect model!

Mia really has the sling ring market cornered due to her extensive understanding of fashion as well as her use of designer fabrics. This black one (my fav) is made of silk! How luxurious to be carried around in silk all day! And what a fantastic option if you are looking for something a little dressier.

Other fabrics include eye-catching cottons, denim and even an embroidered silk!

Ring slings are fantastic because you have your arms free so that you can get things done, but you still have baby close and cuddly. The expanse of fabric makes it safe and comfortable for your little hip-rider to cozy down and take a nap or look around and take in the world from the safety of mama's arms! The extra fabric is also great to cover baby from the sun, protect them again cold weather and even doubles as a nursing cover.

Only the finest fabrics are used in creating these ring slings, which are weight tested at well beyond 100lbs (35lbs being the most comfortable limit) and all seams are double stitched for safety.

And even more good news, Mia is just getting started. She plans on adding greatly to her line including a mei-tei sling, diaper bags, wet bags and zip up sleep sack. So make sure to click on her button in my sidebar periodically through the month to keep up on her newest additions.

Mia is generously offering a 10% discount to all BMT readers as well as free shipping before Dec. 15th. Use the code "BTMPROMO" at checkout! What a great gift for all the mama's in your life this holiday season! Better get a move on as I have a feeling these babies are going to go fast. 

For a full bio on Mia, check her out here!


INTRODUCING: Pour Toujours

As you may have seen, I have decided to start taking on sponsors in the new year. But there were a few standouts that I could not let you all miss out on during the holiday season! This girl is one of my handpicked favorites! I am excited to introduce you to Adanna from Pour Toujours.

Based out of Los Angeles, Adanna has been knitting since she was young and found her calling in making cowls for herself. After countless compliments on her handy work, she decided it was time to go into business for herself and start sharing her love of fashion with the world. 

When I asked her what her reason for creating cowls was, her response was just too heartfelt to paraphrase: 
"I really try to promote being yourself because at the end of the day that's all that matters. Anything that helps you express yourself and feel better about yourself should be embraced! I really hope my cowls/etc will do that for others =) because I guarantee you will not find them in stores!"

 The Boa (Adanna's first and fav)

She is a self proclaimed fashion lover. When I asked her where she drew her inspiration from, she said "Everything!! I just love fashion in any form."

 The Misty (My fav!!)

Aren't her pictures too cute? 

I am totally in love with this girl and her cowls! Make sure that you all check out her etsy shop ASAP as she is having a sale through the end of Friday for 20% off (use code toujours20)!!! That means you can get some of these amazing pieces for less then $30!! I am so excited to share this find with you all just in time for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Whatever you celebrate (or dont celebrate, all my JW's!) because these will make an awesome holiday gift for the lovely ladies in your life! And I second her in saying that you won't find pieces like this in stores! She has a great array of colors available for custom order and the yarn looks so warm and cozy. Make sure to click on her button in my sidebar to visit her shop all month long as she is always updating!

And make sure you stay tuned as Miss. Adanna will be hosting a giveaway here on BMT soon!

Now hurry, go shop!


I think Cruz is starting to confuse himself with Lindsay Lohan...

He dances on tables

Eats nothing but cereal bars all day cuz, ya know, a guys gotta watch his figure

Yells behind him at his entourage to hurry up

 Takes pics with adoring fans

Dodges the paparazzi

Checks himself out in the mirror at every given opportunity

Overdoses on questionable substances as his eyes glaze over

 Pushes his dirty habits onto his friends

Loses control and runs around naked, waving his arms in the air

Then passes out drunk and has to be carried to bed in true Li Lo fashion.

I am starting to get worried.

Does this make me Dina Lohan?


Not That I Contradict Myself or Anything

I have been realizing today that I contradict myself on a pretty consistent basis.

What does this say about me?

Let me give examples.

Ex 1.
I can clearly be quoted here as saying that yellow doesn't look good on fair skinned people. But I totally wore yellow today. And fair skinned I definitely am!

Forgive the iPhone picture (and the heinously white legs). I don't bring my camera to Starbucks as I don't generally think there is much to photograph here. Obviously I was wrong.

Ex 2.
I always preach about feeding my son all organic, homemade food because its healthier. But I am totally not above giving him sourpatch kids to get him to stop crying in the car. 

Ex 3.
I constantly write about how much Cruz's Papa makes me mad...but sometimes I really miss him.

Ex 4.
I wear TOMS shoes all the time and praise how they are a totally great company that gives back, even though I did the research and found that they are not fair trade certified meaning that the kids who get the shoes are most likely also the ones that make them. But I am wear them anyways.

Ex 5.
I keep thinking (out loud) that I want to meet someone. But every time I meet a guy I always, ALWAYS find something wrong with them. I don't think I am ready yet. 

Ex 6.
I say I don't care what Papa thinks of me, but some days I try really hard to look nice when I drop Cruz off because I want him to think I look good. 

Basically, I am just a contradicting fool.

Or maybe I am just human.

Maybe both.



I cried today when I opened iPhoto.

These two pictures happened to be right next to each other.

6 Months

9 Months

How did he change SO much in three short months. I remember when that first picture was taken, thinking that he was such a big boy! He was hardly even crawling. 

It made me so sad that he is growing so quickly. That he is literally changing right in front of my eyes. Everyday. And I can't stop it or slow it down or keep him as my little baby forever and ever. 

But then I remembered something that happened last week. 
Someone I went to school with was involved in a car accident. They hit a two year old girl who was crossing the street with her mother. The little girl died. The mother is in ICU in a medically induced coma. She doesn't know yet that her daughter is dead. The little girls birthday was on Christmas, she was turning three.

I am so sick and scared and hurt for this family. Their whole lives have been torn apart. If I was that mother, would I even want to wake up from the coma? To know that I will never see my baby again. That I wont get the chance to watch her grow. Or cry when I see evidence that she is changing, maturing. 

I grieve for this family. In ways that I cannot put into words. But it also helps me to realize how blessed I am. My life is imperfect and messy and flawed. But I have my son, and we both have our health. And we have each other. And I get to watch him grow and change every single day. And that is a beautiful, amazing, blessed thing. I am so lucky.  And humbled, and grateful. That every morning I get to wake up to this.

And I know that we aren't all so lucky. 

Please keep this family in your prayers and thoughts as they face this unimaginable loss.