I Left my Heart in San Francisco

I love the city. I always have.
I love to go there. And then come home to my quiet, clean, slow-paced, small-town life.

I used to go to school in San Francisco, in the heart of Union Square. I always daydreamed about being a big city girl. All suave and posh and what not.

Alas, I am not. Small town girl allllllll the way. Its where my heart is.

I know my neighbors.  I can always find a parking space. Sidewalk rarely ever smell like urine. Just a few of the things that you miss out on when you live in a large city.

My grandfather on the other hand... I am pretty sure he turns into a toad if he is not in back in the city by sundown. He has always lived there. Could tell you anything you could ever need to know (or not know) about San Francisco. Fabulously "city-suave."

To each his own.

But I had a feeling that Cruz would just love the city. And love it he did! I took him down to Union Square to see the lights and hear the music. My family always makes a trip out of it during the holidays; we act like tourists, ride the street cars, wear our camera's around our necks, matching sweatshirts, the whole nine.

Gassing up on the way down. Cruz has to get out of his seat EVERY time we stop or things get dicey. 

The only picture of Cruz and I.

 Memorized by the foodcourt. Like he was watching the onset of Armageddon or something.

These are chocolates!! Crazy right?

Check out these flavors.  Balsamic chocolate?

 He loved the music. I couldn't even get a picture of his face because every time we would tried to turn him towards the camera he would twist and squirm to face the musicians. 

This is a cake!

Weighed over 1,000 pds!
Made by one man. Took over 350 hours.

Cruz was the biggest trooper ever! He enjoyed every second of walking around in the freezing cold, on jam packed streets, in the most unsupportive shoes ever. Probably because he was all snugly and warm in his carrier. This behavior definitely constitutes another trip to the city for my boy soon!

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