Not That I Contradict Myself or Anything

I have been realizing today that I contradict myself on a pretty consistent basis.

What does this say about me?

Let me give examples.

Ex 1.
I can clearly be quoted here as saying that yellow doesn't look good on fair skinned people. But I totally wore yellow today. And fair skinned I definitely am!

Forgive the iPhone picture (and the heinously white legs). I don't bring my camera to Starbucks as I don't generally think there is much to photograph here. Obviously I was wrong.

Ex 2.
I always preach about feeding my son all organic, homemade food because its healthier. But I am totally not above giving him sourpatch kids to get him to stop crying in the car. 

Ex 3.
I constantly write about how much Cruz's Papa makes me mad...but sometimes I really miss him.

Ex 4.
I wear TOMS shoes all the time and praise how they are a totally great company that gives back, even though I did the research and found that they are not fair trade certified meaning that the kids who get the shoes are most likely also the ones that make them. But I am wear them anyways.

Ex 5.
I keep thinking (out loud) that I want to meet someone. But every time I meet a guy I always, ALWAYS find something wrong with them. I don't think I am ready yet. 

Ex 6.
I say I don't care what Papa thinks of me, but some days I try really hard to look nice when I drop Cruz off because I want him to think I look good. 

Basically, I am just a contradicting fool.

Or maybe I am just human.

Maybe both.

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