I don't know if you know this about me, but I am a FREAK about baby carriers. I own 9! So I could not be more excited to introduce my latest sponsor Mia from SlingBabe.

How does she create such amazing slings you ask? Because she is also a fashion designer working for Polo Ralph Lauren in NYC. And if that's not enough to drool over, here is a little bit more bio on her:

"We live a city/country life - spending half our time in NYC and half our time renovating an old farmhouse in a remote spot up in the mountains...and living in a 1977 Airstream Trailer we gutted and redesigned inside."

And isn't her son Teo the cutest? Mia and psychologist husband, Evan refer to their baby as a "chubby, happy little guy." Not to mention the perfect model!

Mia really has the sling ring market cornered due to her extensive understanding of fashion as well as her use of designer fabrics. This black one (my fav) is made of silk! How luxurious to be carried around in silk all day! And what a fantastic option if you are looking for something a little dressier.

Other fabrics include eye-catching cottons, denim and even an embroidered silk!

Ring slings are fantastic because you have your arms free so that you can get things done, but you still have baby close and cuddly. The expanse of fabric makes it safe and comfortable for your little hip-rider to cozy down and take a nap or look around and take in the world from the safety of mama's arms! The extra fabric is also great to cover baby from the sun, protect them again cold weather and even doubles as a nursing cover.

Only the finest fabrics are used in creating these ring slings, which are weight tested at well beyond 100lbs (35lbs being the most comfortable limit) and all seams are double stitched for safety.

And even more good news, Mia is just getting started. She plans on adding greatly to her line including a mei-tei sling, diaper bags, wet bags and zip up sleep sack. So make sure to click on her button in my sidebar periodically through the month to keep up on her newest additions.

Mia is generously offering a 10% discount to all BMT readers as well as free shipping before Dec. 15th. Use the code "BTMPROMO" at checkout! What a great gift for all the mama's in your life this holiday season! Better get a move on as I have a feeling these babies are going to go fast. 

For a full bio on Mia, check her out here!

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