Cruz's Lullaby

I don't know where it started. But I know I have never seen it printed or heard it sang anywhere outside of my family. I know my mothers mother sang it to her and in turn she sang it to me. Now I sing it to my son every night at bedtime.

Dear Lady of Fatima, we come on bended knees
To pledge our love and offer thee a rosarie each day
There are millions and millions of steeples
Counting the big and the small
And they all point up to heaven, saying there's room for all
There's a gate to that heavenly kingdom
And the key to that gate is a prayer
And no one is questioned or humbled in spite of the cross that they bear
So why must life hang on a string
And why can't we all live like brothers and sisters
As the Lady of Fatima says "I do believe in miracles and helping the lost on their way, it's the good Lords way of saying, Let us pray."

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