I cried today when I opened iPhoto.

These two pictures happened to be right next to each other.

6 Months

9 Months

How did he change SO much in three short months. I remember when that first picture was taken, thinking that he was such a big boy! He was hardly even crawling. 

It made me so sad that he is growing so quickly. That he is literally changing right in front of my eyes. Everyday. And I can't stop it or slow it down or keep him as my little baby forever and ever. 

But then I remembered something that happened last week. 
Someone I went to school with was involved in a car accident. They hit a two year old girl who was crossing the street with her mother. The little girl died. The mother is in ICU in a medically induced coma. She doesn't know yet that her daughter is dead. The little girls birthday was on Christmas, she was turning three.

I am so sick and scared and hurt for this family. Their whole lives have been torn apart. If I was that mother, would I even want to wake up from the coma? To know that I will never see my baby again. That I wont get the chance to watch her grow. Or cry when I see evidence that she is changing, maturing. 

I grieve for this family. In ways that I cannot put into words. But it also helps me to realize how blessed I am. My life is imperfect and messy and flawed. But I have my son, and we both have our health. And we have each other. And I get to watch him grow and change every single day. And that is a beautiful, amazing, blessed thing. I am so lucky.  And humbled, and grateful. That every morning I get to wake up to this.

And I know that we aren't all so lucky. 

Please keep this family in your prayers and thoughts as they face this unimaginable loss.

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