Forgive Me if I Start to Cry...

Because I am going to be talking about Cruz's first birthday (tear, tear).

Yes, he turns 1 in two short months!

1 whole entire year old!

Where did the time go? Far too fast, my friends, far too fast.

But alas it is upon us. And I need some serious help figuring out what kind of party to throw!!!

We are just getting ready to move (the week after Christmas! Makes for a hectic holiday season!) and the new place will be on 1 acre. So I am hoping that we might be able to have it there. But we are renting, so I will have to see if I can get permission from the landlord...and I am not quite sure about it. For some reason, I am not getting a great vibe from her. And I am pretty good at vibing people. But it would be awesome if we could do it there because it would save on having to pay for a location. Last time I checked, Papa and I were planning to do his first birthday party together (awkward, you say?) And seeing as we both have HUGE families (my baby shower had over 80 people at it!!!) we definitely need a location that can accommodate a lot of people. And I really want to do something that is outside, because I think that would be the best way to get all those people in one place. And because I am in love with this picture... 

I have had this picture on my desktop for a while and dont know the source. If you know or are the source, please let me know!

I love that its outside in the trees (the new property looks just like this. Perfect!) I love the different color chairs and the king hats and the bunting flags and, well, everything about it!

I have no idea what the theme would be. And I am the kind of person that HAS to have a theme. You know?

I am actually kind of hoping that Papa and I can do it together because I most definitely cannot afford to have a party for Cruz by myself. At all. And I really, really want Cruz to have a first birthday party. Its important to me for some reason. But Lord knows, the fact that its important to me isn't going to make it any more affordable. I would be super sad if I didn't get to have a party for him, but then again, disappointment is an emotion that I have become very familiar with. We go way back. And we have been getting to know each other very well as of late.

Either way, I still love to daydream about ideas for the big day. The day that my baby stops being a baby :(

Any ideas on fantastic, affordable party ideas!?

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