Dear Blog,

Sorry I have been gone sooooo much. I really do like you a lot and I wish I wasnt being such a slacker. That darn baby is such an attention hog. To make it up to you, here are some pictures of some fun things we've been up to lately.

 A grainy photo of a nakee boy

 Fourth of July

Hanging with his Dad.

Swimming with his Mama.

My old friend, you will be one this month and I am so happy/impressed that you've been around this long. Its been a crazy, unpredictable, amazing, sad, ecstatic, chaotic year and I am glad I got to share it here with you.

Happy Birthday,


fair time

The fair came to down last week and we decided to brave the heat and drag ourselves out for a little fun in the sun (too much for Mama, I got a pretty good sunburn on these Irish shoulders).

Cruz has been to the fair once before but he was only about 4 months old so this was the first time he got any enjoyment out of it.

He rode his first roller coaster with Papa (this is about how thrilled he looked the whole time).

We enjoyed a thoroughly non vegan snack!

And all and all just had a grand ole time. Does the fair come to your town?