Dear Blog,

Sorry I have been gone sooooo much. I really do like you a lot and I wish I wasnt being such a slacker. That darn baby is such an attention hog. To make it up to you, here are some pictures of some fun things we've been up to lately.

 A grainy photo of a nakee boy

 Fourth of July

Hanging with his Dad.

Swimming with his Mama.

My old friend, you will be one this month and I am so happy/impressed that you've been around this long. Its been a crazy, unpredictable, amazing, sad, ecstatic, chaotic year and I am glad I got to share it here with you.

Happy Birthday,


  1. The pictures of you and Cruz outside in the chair are BEAUTIFUL! It looks like you guys are having a lovely summer.

  2. Glad to see you're back and happy summer!

  3. These are great photos. The lawn chair ones remind me so much of shots I have of my own childhood. :)