Similar to the annual trip to San Francisco this year, I pretty much took zero pictures of Christmas morning. I always feel sad after the fact when I don't have any photos of a special event for Cruz, but I strive every day to live more in the moment and a lot of time that comes at the sacrifice of good photos. I just try to keep in mind that the lack of good photos signifies the abundance of good memories that were made instead. 

Here are the only ones from Christmas. 

Breakfast being had in his new fort

Some Christmas morning ironing on his new ironing board
(with a new tricycle in the background)

Have Sit-and-Spin, will travel

Cruz working on his self portrait skills

What an amazing, hectic, down to the wire holiday it as been. 
So thankful for another year with this little man of mine. He is, and will always be, my very best (and favorite) gift. 

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