Fashion Friday: Breastfeeding Friendly

The number one clothing-related question I get asked is "what can I wear while I am breastfeeding?"

Girls, I feel ya.

I always used to feel soo limited by what I could wear because everything had to be Chi-Chi friendly. I had to be able to whip out a boob at a moments notice (under any other circumstances, that would have been a totally sexy statement).

So I wanted to put together a few looks to show Mama's that there is tons of stuff you can wear and still breastfeed in.

Also, shoes.

They totally make an outfit. Below are my most comfy/ carrying-a-baby-all-day-friendly picks.

Keep in mind that I am no model (at all), but I couldn't convince my sister to pose for the pictures and my little brothers girlfriend bailed, so, behold my awful/awkward modeling skills.

Photos c/o my Momographer (get it? Mom + Photographer. Ok. Let the awkwardness begin)

 Button fronts are a great option b/c, obviously, they unbutton in the front. Ultimate easy access to the boobs.
 Also, if its freezing there like it is here (I mean look at the window, looks cold right?) I like to add a scarf, cowl, anything knit & cutesy socks.

 Option two for cold weather.
Also, I'll belt anything and everything. My family makes fun of me for it. I just think it adds interest/focal point to an outfit. The natural waist is the thinnest part of your torso, so when you have a 2inch torso like me, you gotta work with what you got.
 Probably my most awkward photo. Wanted to show that the top of this sweater is really stretchy and great for nursing.

 Cute without the sweater, if your super lucky and live somewhere that its warm right now.
 Also, this skirt is actually a dress. But I think that almost any maxi dress can double as a skirt.
 Option 3
 Breastfeeding friendly for obvious reasons.
 Super comfy flats that add a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.
 Option 4
 Let me know if you get tired of me flashing the camera. 
I cut the tops of lots of my tank tops to make them work for breastfeeding. If they are thin cotton, the fabric rolls a little and looks intentional. Doesn't work for all garments, but ones like this work great.
 Leggings and boots are a great way to wear shorts during colder months. 

End awkwardness.

If you have any questions about where I bought things, feel free to ask. 

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