I originally made this little guy as a gift for a friends baby shower, but good ol' Cruz got a hold of him and threw him into his bowl of pesto pasta. So now its Cruz's new toy (I'm pretty sure he plans stuff like this b/c its not the first incident of this type).

So I made it based off of this pattern. You can download the PDF off the site.  She has some really great patterns and even does some tutorials of her own. Check her out.

I made mine out of an old sweatshirt because I thought the black and white contrast would be great for a newborn since I had such trouble coming by black and white toys when Cruz was an infant. Don't they say babies love the contrast of dark and light when they are first born? Did I make that up?

Remember to place all pieces RIGHT SIDE TOGETHER when your sewing. That way the seam is on the inside after you flip it inside out.

1: This is the body. Sew from the "l" (from the l---l in the picture above) on the right all the way around the body and stopping at the "l" on the left side.

Do not sew through the "---" that space needs to be left open so that you can stuff it.

Turn the sewn body so that the right side is out and stuff the inside with fluff (I cut open a pillow and use the stuffing out of that) and then sew the opening closed by hand. 

Do the same with piece 2 which is the face/trunk

3 which is the ears (there are two)

and 4 which is the tusk (there are two, but I didnt use these on my elephant)

Remember that not sew through the --- on the picture above.

Once all the pieces are sewn and stuffed, stitch the face/trunk to the body by hand. See placement in the photo below. Do the same with the ears and tusks. The fun thing about this pattern is that you can really sew the pieces together however you like. The face doesnt have to be exactly placed on the body. And the ears and tusks dont have to be perfect either. Babies toys are supposed to be a little askew!

Here is my finished elephant.

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  1. That is one.sweet.gift. And an awesome way to upcycle t-shirts :)