Since No One Was Chomping at the Bit to Buy Me a New Swimsuit...

I had to take matters into my own hands.

I bought this bikini right (RIGHT) before I got pregnant.
 I never got the chance to wear it. And Lord knows I am never going to wear it like this.

So instead of wasting a perfectly good, expensive, never worn swimsuit, I did a little editing. I made it into something that I could actually wear and avoid humiliation. 

 I opened up the foldover and sewed up new side seams. I added some tucks into the side seams so that the fabric would scrunch and fall loosely instead of being skin tight and accentuating any flaws. 
Maybe, once I get a little sun, I'll be more willing to model the final outcome on this little blog...but dont hold your breath.


  1. Wow! It's really cute!!! I went bathing suite shopping about a month ago and it was sooooooo depressing! (4 months post partum) It's so hard to find a suite that offers coverage without looking like you borrowed it from your grandmother!!!!

  2. brilliant! it must look adorable on you : )

  3. I haven't got around to mentioning it, but I love your idea of free sponsoring/ everyone sponsoring each other. We should make a thing of it and get everyone involved. =D

  4. @Bevin: Thats a great idea! Email me and lets brainstorm some ideas for getting everyone involved!