I was reading Eileen Josephine today (check her out, so cute) and she was saying how she used Instagram, an app for iPhone. It's basically like twitter with pictures. You snap photos, edited them, add to them, whatev, and then you can post them just like a tweet fr your followers to see. Since I have never jumped on the twitter bandwagon ( I don't know why, just not really my thing. I don't have facebook either! Fun facts) I just thought this would e really fun. Because what is more fun then finding another way of shoving pictures of Cruz onto strangers. Nothing! Nothing is more fun.

Its free to download.
If you do, my account is: CassandCruz
Let me know yours so I can follow along!


  1. I love instagram! My username is Randalin. Yes, I am that original.

  2. I wish i had a cool iphone or itouch! hahah