So I have this idea...

I have been thinking about sponsorship lately. I took sponsors on at the end of last year, and while I had some amazing sponsors and some even more amazing giveaways, I realized that I wasnt crazy about actually having sponsors. For some reason it made me feel pressured. Pressured to blog every day. Pressured to say the right things in promoting someone else. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

I have also been thinking about buying ad space on some bigger name blogs. I have done some research and emailed with some of my favorite bloggers, but I just cant seem to get my mind behind paying money to promote this little blog.

So my idea is to reach out to some of my readers. See who might be interested in trading ad space. No money, just a simple trade. Just, I'll show you mine if you show me yours... I'll put your blog button in my side bar, you put mine in yours. A way to promote and support each other without having to pay upwards of $50.00 to get some attention.

I think its so important to support and uplift each other, because, after all, thats what most of us are here for right? To reach out to people for support and encouragement while providing ourselves a creative outlet for our busy little brains.

Anyways, its just a thought. Give me a shout if your game. I'd love to get to know some of my readers better and vice versa!


  1. I think its a wonderful idea. I'm down for it. :)

  2. Count me in! When I get back in town (& get my computer up & running) I want to do this!! Great idea ;)

  3. I totally agree with your weariness around sponsorship and paying for ads. I will add your button to my sidebar for free - just send me the code! Maybe we could do a spotlight post on one another's blogs?

  4. This is A WONDERFUL idea. WONDERFUL

  5. Yay, I'm excited that some of ya are interested. I have been adding buttons are you ladies express interest. I think spotlighting would be a great idea too. Feedback?