So another fun thing I want to start in place of Fashion Fridays (cuz those just arent getting a big response) is  Friday Finds. 

Basically just a run down of the fun stuff I have discovered, purchased or loved during the week. Mostly second hand or thrift finds, lots of vintage for our etsy as well as fun stuff that we found/made for Cruz. 

This weeks finds:
 An awesome vintage suede skirt for our etsy.
 Another fun vintage skirt. Mint green. High waisted. Love!

This to-die-for wooden hammer and screw driver set from this awesome etsy seller!
 Cruz is in LUHRVE! He is a tool fiend these days!

And these vintage fabric pieces from the thrift store. 50 cents each!
I cannot wait to make something adorable for Cruz with the vintage kids fabric. 
Maybe something for MAMA MADE IT.

Feedback on Friday Finds vs Fashion Friday. What do ya think?


  1. love the mint skirt with the tank and your hair like that. it's fab!

  2. looove that mint-green skirt.