I made the most. freaking. cool. find today at the thrift store...

Did I mention that it only cost $40.00. WHAT?!

Original owners manual...

Yes, that says 5 cents! AH, how quaint!!

Once we got it home I, of course, explored every inch of it. I was beyond excited!

But then I started to get bummed that I wouldn't be able to run it tonight because I didn't pick up any thread :( So Papa, being the wonderful partner that he is, went out and picked some up for me while I put Cruz to bed. This is what he came back with...

Notice where it says "HAND sewing."

Obviously I can't use it on my machine (which I'll never tell him) as its meant for hand stitching. But its the sweet, sweet thought that counts. He wanted so badly for me to be able to enjoy my new treat.

Sometimes his kindness surprises me.
And I remember that I am lucky.

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