Papa (he has requested that his name be left out of the blog. I have revised past posts and he will henceforth be referred to as Papa ) and I have made a little ritual of sitting down together at the least twice a week to enjoy the latest bill that we have acquired (and yet to pay). The wonderful world Comcast.

We aren't super thrilled with the customer service (or any customer service lately. More here) but we get it super cheap through our apartment complex. And it's not on contract, they just set it up and take it away whenever you want!

Our absolute and indisputable favorite is "The Office."

I introduced Papa to the show back when we started dating and he has been HOOKED every since. He DVR's every episode on T.V. (Comcast gave us a free DVR which seemed a little fishy and we quickly found out that it was a HEAVILY used piece of equipment that hardly reads a signal from the remote. Good fun). Unfortunately they are all re-runs because they are in the middle of loosing their main man...
Come on Steve (Carell).
Come. On.

And we have two other VERY guilty pleasure shows. I'm almost embarrassed to admit to them.
O.K I'm really embarrassed. Capital E!

Teen Mom and Jersey Shore.

So juvenile! But we just cant help ourselves. I think we like Teen Mom because we can semi-commiserate with the characters.
Jersey Shore though? We really have no excuse for this one.

But watching T.V together is the closest thing to date night that we can afford. So when we can finally spring for those Salsa lessons, Jersey Shore will (hopefully) be long gone!!!

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