Early to bed, early to rise

Cruz went to bed at 7:00pm tonight. Which is waaayyyy earlier then normal. So instead of being productive and say, clean the house, do the laundry, do anything, I chose to sit on the couch and doing NOTHING. Part of me feels super guilty that I wasted all this baby-free time that I am constantly craving. At the very least I should have done some of the projects I've been dying to work on.

Nope! I sat on the couch and watched Cruz sleeping. Wishing he would wake up and play. Missing him because he threw me for a loop by crashing out so early.

I'm always wanting him to sleep so I can get stuff done and now that he is sleeping all I want is for him to wake up! What the H. E. Double hockey sticks is wrong with me!

It's only 9:15 which is sooo much earlier then I usually post! So I have some time to talk about some stuff that has been vying for room in my overstuffed brain, but keeps getting forgotten!

I'll start with these (because I don't like to write too long without giving ya some pics!):

This is Cruz's new favorite thing to do during shopping trips!
If he falls asleep in his car seat, I just unlatch the whole damn thing (which is a total pain in the ass and makes me miss infant car seats) and do my best to slowly lower a 25 pd car seat into the cart without bumping/jostling/dropping/swearing at anyone that looks like they might try to offer me help.
And when he finally wakes up he ONLY wants to face backwards! Its good fun for everyone involved!

Next order of business. I'm working on adding things to my site to make it easier to follow. RSS. Good stuff like that. I also added a place for you to "subscribe" at the top right corner. So, please do so! If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see on the site, or have me write about, by all means, let me know!

Also, you may notice that I have been able to reinstate my ads. Please feel free to click on them if you are TRULY interested in the ad. Please don't click them repeatedly or without intent as it can result in my loosing them. All the words that are double underlined in green are also ads, you can mouse over them and the ad will pop up. Same regulations goes for those ads as well.

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I promise this is the only boring, informational post (for now)!!

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