Jumping on the blog wagon

So I'm a little late joining the blog bandwagon, but I'd have to say that's pretty typical of my timeliness, and as always, better late then never.

I can't tell you how many times I have written and rewritten and tri-written this first post. I feel like its been months since I first got the notion to start a blog, but to date my writing has usually been interrupted by a crying baby... or a crying papa... or both.

So to give you a little background:
My name is Cassie. I'm a lover of the arts. Any and all. I have a passion for creating...in all forms of the word. Designing, sewing, crocheting, writing, baking, learning and loving...which inadvertently led to the creation of my son Cruz.
And wham, bam, life B.C (before Cruz) has been all but forgotten and I move forward into the uncharted waters of motherhood!

So my website is babymakestwo.org (obviously) but baby is currently making three. I began the construction of this webpage to chronicle the life of my son and I back when it was just the two of us. Presently papa has rejoined the task force, but I had already bought the freaking domain name so....

To wrap it up I just want to give a little insight into what I plan for my blog (though my plans go awry more often then not, so don't count on anything).
I hope to give an authentic look into my life as a young (21) mother, however embarrassing or raw or humbling it may be. To chronicle my adventures and experiences and lessons. To learn, to teach, to understand, to create. And hopefully to imagine, discover and inspire.
So heres to realizing you've been walking around with poop on your shirt all day.
To coming to terms with giving into to function over fashion.
To finally torching those bloody pre-pregnancy jeans that taunt you from the deepest realms of your closet.
Its a beautiful, chaotic, exhausting, exhilarating new life, but I'm meeting the challenge head on, as a creator, as a women and finally, as a mother.

(Also, I plan to smother these pages with delicious pictures of my babay!!!!!!!!)

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