4,344 hours=

181 days = 25 weeks = 6 months!!!!!!!!!!

Cruz is 6 months old today ( I googled all those
numbers by the way...math isn't really my thing...plus I just love to google).

I cannot believe its been 6 whole months since I gave birth to my little fish! At this time exactly six months ago Cruz was 6 hrs, 5 minutes old and I was absolutely scared out of my wits! Exhilarated, ecstatic, the happiest I'd ever been in my whole life, but completely terrified none the less.

I remember laying in that hospital bed ( if you can even call it a bed, more like a board with a sheet on it) holding little baby Cruz, and mesmerizing over all 7 pounds 8 ounces of him. Every finger and toe and hair and eyelash and nail. I loved him so much in that moment and I could never even begin to fathom how much that love would grow and blossom and multiply into how I feel right now, watching him sleep, sharing his story with the world. He has become so deeply ingrained and enmeshed in my world that its hard to imagine that there was ever life before him. All my memories of life without him seem dimmer somehow, less important now. Maybe its because almost all moments with him in it seem monumental in some way or another. He is growing and learning and understanding at such a rapidpace that its hard to keep up. I try to soak up every moment of it, knowing that its slipping away much to quickly. I try to memorize him the way he is right in this moment and tuck it away in my mind so that I wont ever forget. But then it feels like I blink and the second I open my eyes again he has changed, grown bigger and wiser and happier, changed forever.

If I got the chance every month to emphasize one thing to my son, I think that my emphasis on the sixth month mark would go like this:

Dear my little Ruzy Bear,
I cannot believe your six months already. You can never imagine the ways in which you have affected my life. You have filled my every moment with happiness and pride. The part of you that I want you to remember and carry on with you from here on out is all the excitement in your little being. Everything you do is filled with determination. All your little attempts at crawling and sitting up by yourself. Eating your big boy foods and taking in everything that the world has to offer. Take that excitement, to learn and to grow, on with you into all your endeavors in life. Always give more then you take and continue to make the world a better place just by being in it.
I love you.
And I've interspersed some ridiculously adorable pictures of Cruz as he tackles one of the big dogs of the six month developments...the wonderful world of Yum!

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