Model Baby

Yes, Mr. Cruz Anthony has his first photo shoot coming up!
A wonderful local photographer is doing some free photo sessions in order to build her portfolio and Cruzy gets to be one of the lucky subjects.
I'm really excited because this will be his first professional photo shoot (except for his semi-pro Nana who did his pictures when he was first born...they were so handsome).

My only dilemma, and its a big one, is finding th
e perfect outfit!!!!!!!!
Here are the links she sent as examples of good picks:

(Click picture to enlarge)

I'm really loving the little guy to the upper right hand corner in the whites and beiges. I just think babies look so sweet in those vintage-y clothes.
Granted, we can't afford to buy him anything new.... Seeing as PG&E was due last week (and we aren't any closer to paying it) but I'm thinking I'll be able to rummage up something cute from Cruz's drawers + Diego's hand-me-downs + my mommas adorable handmade gifts and thrift store finds!

Any suggestions on what kinds of outfits translate best into print?

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