Happy Birthday Son

Little Bear,

I have no idea how this first year slipped by us so quickly. You forever live in my mind as the little burrito that I brought home from the hospital such a short time ago. You lay here next to me now, sleeping, 12 months after the beautiful day that I was blessed enough to welcome you into my life. Looking at how much you have grown blows my mind. Your hair is getting so long, your smile so big. I wish I could describe everything about you in this letter, at this moment, but words just couldn’t do you justice.

I feel blessed by every moment that I get to be your mama. You never fail to lighten my day, my mood and my heart. Part of me wants to keep you the way you are in this moment forever. To freeze you in your sweet, little perfectness. But the other part me cannot wait to see what the rest of your life has in store for us. I can’t wait to watch you walk. To hear your sweet little voice say its first word. To soak up every new achievement and to comfort you during every let down or tough learning experience. I am so excited to continue to explore this amazing life with you. And I still cannot believe God chose me to be your mama.

As chapter one of your little life comes to a close and we begin the venture into the next, I hope that you take with you all the love, happiness, joy, and acceptance that you have been surrounded with. Know that your mama will love you and cherish you for every second of every minute for the rest of your love. I will love you for every new skill you development, for every temper tantrum you throw, for every nap you fight and for every kiss I steal. Remember that you will always and forever be the most amazing, important part of my life. I thank God for you every day.

Continue to fill the world with your beauty, laughter and love.


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