Single Mama Drama?

Papa has been out of town all week, so blogging has been low, low on the priority list for this single mama. I had never realized how much I had counted on those few hours every week that Cruz goes with Papa. So my days have been filled with baby-entertaining with no time to slip away to Starbucks to work on posting. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

In other breaking news, I agreed to do an interview for a friend, who is a freelance writer, about what its like to be a single mom.

And honestly, I'm a little nervous about it.

A. Because I have no idea what the questions are going to be like.

B. Because its super difficult to answer when people ask me if its hard to be a single mom. Because I don't know any different. I dont know what its like to be in a marriage. Or a working relationship. I dont know what its like to have a partner to lean on and learn from. Maybe its harder that way. Maybe I have it easy. I dont know because, well, I just dont. But I assume that its got to be more or less about the same.
-Its always expensive to have kids, no matter if your single or not.
-Its tiring to be a stay at home mom, whether your single or not.
-You never get to be "off" when your a SAHM, single or not.
-It can be very isolating and lonely if you dont have a good group of mommy friends to help fill the days, pass the hours and commiserate with.
-The time and energy that goes into taking care of an infant is the same whether there are two parents around or just one.
-Its still just as rewarding and amazing to have a healthy, happy baby, even if you dont have anyone to share that feeling with.
-The milestones are still incredible even no one else is around to see them.

Maybe I am just naive, but I dont think that its that much different or harder to be a single parent. Maybe if I was a widow and I had had this amazing, helpful husband around all the time and then, WHAM, one day he was gone. Maybe then I would think it was harder to do it on your own. But mostly what I know is that all the moms I talk to are pretty much going through the same things I am. Their children are learning and growing the same. They are testing limits just the same. Life is all about dirty diapers and Dr visits and utilizing your best WWF moves when it comes to wrangling a screeching, arc-backed child into a dirty, crumb-filled carseat. It all seems pretty relative to me.

But who wants to hear that, right?

"Teen Mom" would be no where near as entertaining if they had everything all topped off and squared away. Everyone wants to know the nitty gritty of it.

Maybe I'll give her the ultimate of horror stories. Of being alone with screaming, snotty babies in a tiny, white-walled room with no money and no heat, bare cabinets, stained carpets and shitty furniture. No one to turn to and no where to go. All alone.

Wait, I think I just described that "Candies" commercials that preaches safe sex with spokesperson Bristol Palin.

Because if anyone knows the hardships of being a poor, single mom its Bristol, right?

Maybe I should just tell my friend to email the Palin's and call it a day.
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