Running from the Law

I have been on the run from the police for about 6 months now.

Shocking, I know.

But dont be startled or start "unfollowing" in masses.

I didnt kill anyone. I didnt hit anybody with my car. I didnt steal.

Well, I guess technically it could be considered stealing.

Alright, alright I'll tell...

I forgot to pay my vehicle registration... for 6 months.

Well it was a combination of forgetting and not having the money. Because once you let it go too long, they start tacking on fee's left, right and center. For like emotional distress and therapy sessions and what not. Oh, you didnt know that state workers pay for their psychiatric needs via your registration overages? Well now you know.

I have gotten pulled over a total of 6 times for it. SIX times. Understandable, once for every month I was late; they dont miss a beat those cops. And just narrowly escaped with my life...and my car. Because if you didn't know, they can totally impound your car if you dont pay your registration. I did not know.

Fortunately, Cruz played his part swimmingly every time we got pulled over. Because, you know, what kind of person leaves a single mom and a crying baby on the side of the road while their car gets towed away. No one. No one does that because you would have a nonrefundable ticket to Hell if you did, I'm sure of it.

But it did make driving a somewhat nervewracking game of stealthy evasion. Fear not my friends because I am the queen of evasion. The Queen. I obviously evaded the towing companies and impound lots for an entire 6 months. I have also successfully evaded my debt collectors for somewhere around a zillion months. Not to mention the razor that I have evaded every time I hop in the shower (who shaves during the winter? Or when your single?) Although that one might be catching up to me soon.

I will admit that I have had to pull some questionable moves to avoid being seen driving my car. I have dodged off the freeway onto backroads that I didnt even know existed in order to avoid being spotted by the cops. It has really widen my knowledge of California's geographic layout...which could actually be seen as a benefit of my insurance evasion as geography was never my best subject.

All and all I do not suggest it. Cable companies, Medical offices and Target are all much easier to dodge then the police so I think I'll start there next time. To my dear friends at the California DMV, I apologize and promise to never ever be late on my registration again. Lest you ever have to stalk me through the streets of the city again and scare me with those stupid blinking lights that should really be outlawed because I am pretty sure they could send a person into an epileptic fit...and thats just not safe while driving.
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