There Was Bloodshed

Poor Cruz made it 364 days without ever getting a cut. Almost one entire year!

But alas, on the eve of his birthday, he was taking his evening bath and disaster struck.

I didn't even notice at first. Nor did he.

When I walked out of the bathroom in my towel my mom asked why my chest was bleeding.  When I looked I figured it was just a scratch from where Cruz pinches me while he is nursing (yes, he has starting pinching/scratching my chest while nursing. Its not malicious, he is just exploring recent motor skills, but none the less its painful).

But then I realized that my chest wasnt the only spot with blood on it. I followed the trail across my body and onto Cruz's, finally locating the cut fingertip.

Has anyone ever told you that fingertips bleed a lot? A LOT. Well they do.

The poor kid bled for the better part of an hour. Like really bled. Flowing. 

He went through 4 band aids which where easily removed by curious little hands. Then I put a sock over it to try to prolong the life of the band aids. He was not the slightest bit fazed. He had the sock off in one foul swoop. Finally I whipped out a mitten and that kept him busy for about 8 minutes. But, of course, he was able to get that off eventually too.

Luckily the carpet suffered minimal damage.

My laptop is a different story.

 A bloody mess!
 His first band aid ever :(

 Not happy
 Payback for the mitten

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