Cha Cha Cha Changes

So Papa and I have been back to court to reevaluate our time with Cruz. We have pretty much decided that I will take the next 3 months to night wean Cruz before he starts spending the night with Papa.

This is really tough for me. Obviously I wish that Cruz never had to spend the night away from me. But I know its important for him to spend time with his Papa. And I have been really considering night weaning for a while, but now that it is something I HAVE to do, I feel really anxious about it. I know three months is plenty of time, but it just feels yucky.

I completely plan to continue co-sleeping (regardless of what the pediatrician says) so I am a little bit stumped on how to night wean. You all were so great in reassuring me with my last dilemma. 
So I was hoping to get some words of wisdom with this new venture in our life. Or at least some words to soothe my anxiety a little. 



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