There is something you dont know about me....

-I have this irrational insecurity about my windshield wipers. I always look around to see how fast other people have their windshield wipers going because I never want mine to go faster then anyone elses. I don't know why.

-I hate swimming. Papa and I always used to joke that we were like cats, the second we jump in we are right back out. I get cold too fast. And I dont like it when my fingers get pruny.

-If Cruz had been a girl his name would have been Stella.

-If we didnt name him Cruz, it was going to be Santana.

-I do not believe in killing trees, but I love paper towels. Way more then dish towels which get dirty after one use and if you wash them more then 3 times they just stay stinky forever.

-If my iPhone auto corrects my spelling one more time I am going to throw it against the wall.

-Dr.Pepper is my favorite soda ever. Except for Cherry Pepsi at the Taco Bell drive through. And only at the Taco Bell drive through.

-I haven't slept all the way through the night in well over a year.

-I make Cruz's soap.

-If I saw a Beach Cruiser sitting unattended I would seriously consider stealing it. I'm not usually a thief, but thats how bad I want a bike. And the last sentence is a lie because I did steal lipgloss from CVS once in Jr. High. My dad made me take it back and tell the manager what I did. I had to pay for it. Pure shame. They probably have my picture hanging in the backroom somewhere with the rest of the thieves.

-I hate schedules. I suck at them.

-Cruz and I dont have the same last name.

-Eggs creep me out.

-The End.



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