Cruz and I are frequent visitors to our local second hand stores.
We love nothing more then hoping on our bike and taking a ride down there. Especially now that its hotter in our apartment then it is outside. The slight breeze that a bike ride provides is a much welcomed pleasure for us on these new hottest of days.

Thats right, 50 cents each for these cloth diaper covers! I couldn't have been more thrilled seeing as I had just begrudgingly ordered two new Bum Genius diapers yesterday due to our diminshing stock of diapers that fit. I have an allergy to paying full price for anything. Anything at all. So it made me itch a little to pay the retail price for the two BG's, but I knew my little man needed them badly. And sure enough, the universe paid us back in ten fold with an overflowing basket of hardly used covers at a steal.I've never used these Mama Ease brand before (the cute little safari print) but I am excited to try it. I just made some new organic inserts so we shall see how the hold up.

Funny how such a little success can start the whole day off right. 


  1. OH, I am jealous. That is a steal for those diaper covers, and what bright colors and cute prints!


    Why doesn't my local thrift shop ever carry cool things like 50 cent diaper covers?!

  3. sweet! LOVE great deals like that :)