New Love

Yes, I have a new love in my life.





I have been swooning over pictures of bikes for months and months now. Don't these make you want to dress up in your sunday best and ride around town for no reason at all?

top four via
bottom three via

I dont look quite as whimsical on my new bike, but it was surely love at first sight. Though I didnt love the cost of repairing it and eqiupting it for Cruz, finding the bike iteself on CL for $40 took the sting out of forking over the money to repair it.


  1. How fun and enjoy it...I bet you look pretty whimsical and don't even know it! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. @Liesl- Thanks! Though my big ol' baby seat in the back takes away from the airiness of it all, I still love to think we might achieve a whimsical effect. Maybe if I could wear Cruz in a sling like the lady in the first picture...but I am 99% sure thats illegal.