Not quite sure why I can't seem to get back on the ball with blogging.
Settling into this new life and making this cold, open, blank house into a home has taken a lot more of me then I realized.

But, I'm loving it and couldnt be happier.

While I have been slacking on the blog end of my life, I have not been lagging in my thrift store scouring. Almost EVERY day Cruz and I go to the second hand stores. We are lucky enough to have two without a 3 minute walking distance. And they both have great kids/toy sections so often times we just go to play and dont buy anything at all.

Today, Cruz, Papa and I did a little meandering down there and found a few little treasures. See that oh-so-cute cup up there? $.50!

Some super cute fabrics $.50 each. The top one is soon to be some kitchen stool pad covers!

Yarn for the seemingly never ending crochet afghan.

A Crate and Barrel popcorn bowl ($3.00) which will really be a mixing bowl (b/c mixing bowls are hard to find and get snatched up quickly at thrift stores...and b/c I break bowls on the reg. The floor here is finished cement and the counters are granite=recipe for a lot of broken glass)

A book for Mama and a book for baby. 
(Actually the book for mama "The Days of Ofelia" will soon be finding its new permanent home with my little cousin Ophelia. Spelled differently, but still fun to have a book with your name on it).

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  1. I love that apple fabric.

    Glad to hear you're coming back around. =D