Breast Milk

Have you seen this article in the NY times about breastfeeding in third world countries?

Its heartbreaking and a little frustrating to read. To know that over a million children loose their lives every year because of ill informed mothers. To know that these deaths could be prevented so easily. To know that all that we need to do is provide these women with INFORMATION. Nothing more. Not these huge schemes and million dollar plans to end world hunger and child malnutrition. To just inform women and mothers, to teach them how to care for their babies so that they don't have to bury them.

It hurts to know that we have the very simple resources to help these people (our voices) and still the childhood malnutrition and death goes on.

Disappointed once again in our own inability to help others in need.

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  1. I read this article today too. Not only was it upsetting to read about the low rates of breastfeeding in developing countries, but also low rates in the US and Canada. Even though a high rate of women start with breastfeeding, the rates drop pretty dramatically even in the first six months. I wish that doctors were more supportive and informed (or at least sent women to lactation consultants rather than telling them to go to formula).