Farmers Market

Have I mentioned before that the local farmers market is on the same street as our home? Right outside our door to be exact. And it is one of my very favorite things about living here (though I have so many favorites).

Every wednesday is our little family trip down the road to get our vegetables, fruit and fresh milk for the week.

And the food vendors are always extrordinary. This week Papa has Paella with shrimp and chicken and I had the most amazing corn/mesa/quinoa stuffed bell pepper with spicy corn jambalya. Arent you  salavating just from reading those words?

Hands down the most amazing vendor there. See all this? Handmade baby/kid furniture made from salvaged wood from around this mans property. SWOON.
Tell me this chair was not made for Cruz! At $98 a pop, we had to leave it behind, but it was sorely hard to walk away from. Doesnt Cruz need this entire set of furniture. I think yes.


  1. you're making me hungry :) and SUPER jealous the farmer's market is so close. we have one 20 minutes away :(
    the furniture looks great and tres unique...

  2. That's amazing that you live so close! Ours isn't that far away either, but we don't make it there nearly enough.
    I love, love, love the rocking chair. Cruz better start saving his pennies!

  3. Cruz is getting so big! I love his hair grown out like that.