That Kind of Day

With all my excitement about summer finally showing its sunny little face in my neck of the woods, I forgot the seemingly minor yet altogether inconvenient side affects of that big, beautiful sun.


Babies and heat do not mix well. Nursing mamas and babies and heat really dont mix well. Every nursing encounter ends in a sticky, sweaty mess. And with the heat depleting his liquid stores faster then normal, his nursing has kicked up quite a few notches.

I think we topped out somewhere around 93 degrees today. Big jump from our 65-72 range that has become the norm around these parts lately.

Seeing as we arent huge on diaper wearing on a normal day, the heat has definitely lead to a baby who is stripped of all clothes and diapers by 10am. He enjoys it, but due to the heat making for a sluggish reaction time from Mama (read: lazy mama who wants to lay in front of the fan all day eating dairy free Froyo and drinking peach iced tea) we have had quite a few more accidents then usual. Three to be exact. Once on the couch, once on the bed and once more on the bath mat. Good fun. I wonder if it would be a liberating experience for an adult to just attend to natures calls wherever you happened to be standing. Someone, I'm not sure it would be.

So henceforth are the days of dirty bare feet, naked babies, scraped up knees, wet hair in messy buns and lots of sweaty cuddling/nursing sessions.

Forgive  the grainy photos or weird formatting, I'm borrowing my brothers PC while he has my Mac. Did I mention that I think PC's are the hardest electronic in the world to use. I'm PC illiterate for sure.


  1. Bare baby bums are the BEST! Also, how slow am I? I couldn't figure out why Kale was nursing more than normal until I just read your post. Obviously it's related to the heat (well, not so obvious for me apparently!).

  2. He's growing so fast.
    I love the graininess of the photos. Adds a sort of retro feel.
    Blessed we are.

  3. @Randalin: At least I think its related to the heat. That would make sense right? Always nice to have a mama friend who can help you decode these crazy little babies of ours!

    @Tami: I never thought of it like that. Retro is such a better way to look at it then grainy!