A Day for Papa

A day that started out as a trip to the beach ended in a forgotten beach blanket, a baby badly in need of a nap and a very frustrated mama. I find it so aggravating when a well planned out day goes awry and its completely beyond your control.

But after a nice long family nap, we salvaged the end of the day with a trip to 7-11 for slurpees and a visit to the park for our boy.

Breakfast in bed for Papa (which turned it to Breakfast in bed ON Papa. Sticky buns are messy)

Accidentally matching.

On an unrelated note, my photo editing platform has started turning all my photos grainy and blurring. I have been trying to start using GIMP with little luck.  Any suggestions?


  1. I used GIMP a loooong time ago.
    What do you use now though?
    You should get any Photoshop version. You can torrent them all for free. Photoshop can save JPEGs without making them grainy at all. Also, you should switch to PNG format. It's also pretty small and often better quality than JPG!


  2. @wallflower: Photoshop would be awesome. I downloaded the free trial and it expired so I would love to torrent them but I dont know how. Is their a website?
    Thanks girl!