Veganism Update

Its not going so hot.

Meat hasn't been tough at all. I didnt eat much before so it hasnt been easy to keep that going.

I have the same issue as most other vegans I've come across. Its the CHEESE!!!!!

I bought some vegan cheese to try and get over the hump, but its not cutting it. I have never been a craver. I didnt crave anything when I was pregnant. I never ever have cravings...until now. I crave cheese like crazy.

And icecream. Giving up dairy treats have been rough. I was pretty sure I was going to die yesterday if I didnt have a chocolate icecream cone in Chinatown yesterday. And I totally lost the battle of wills.

Any suggestions from you seasoned vegans?


  1. icecream is easy: buy coconut milk icecream. don't buy the rice one.. or the soy one... but the coconut one. you will thanks me.

    cheese: the vegan cheese is not a good replacement. it will not cut it. what you need to do is get cheese completely out of your diet for as long as possibly. 3 weeks in or so and you'll see you'll stop wanting it... and soon you wont want it at all. Or every time you think about cheese... imagine you are eating a chunk of mold. mmm mold.

  2. I was wondering how this was going!

    I'm not vegan, but am lactose intolerant and I whole heartedly agree with Drea about the coconut milk ice cream!! It is so, so good.