So Mama Made It is a day late this week. I have been a bit scatter brained lately. 
I made this for a girlfriend who just had her first baby last week. 
Its a crocheted teething string. You just place it in the fridge to get cold and then your little one munch on it to sooth teething pain. 

 You'll need:
Crochet hook (any size depending on how big you want your beads)
                                Yarn. Best to use something soft and without a lot of loose fibers.

If you are unfamiliar with crochet, there are links at the end of this post to show you videos on how to do each stitch that I use. 

1. Ch 2.
6 sc in the first stitch (6 stitches total)

2. Two sc in each sc (12 stitches total)

3. SC2T 6 times (end with 6 stitches)
Slip stitch in first stitch of the round. Ch 1 and fasten off. 

Your final bead should look something like this.

Make as many or as few as you want. I breaded a few strands of yarn together to make the chain. String all your beads onto the chain and tie it off on both ends.

Video tutorials:

Single Crochet (SC)
Single Crochet Two Together (SC2T)
Slip Stitch


  1. You could make a bracelet or necklace as well like that, just make a lot more beads :)