Going Batty

We live in a really old farm house. A renovated one room school house. Super old. And we live on about 12 acres. So while its beautiful and whimsical, its also a litte knitty gritty. Lots of bugs, spiders, GIGANTIC wild turkey running wild, all sorts of wild life out here.

Since the day we moved in, there has been a little family of mice living somewhere in my closet. I can hear them moving around anytime things quiet. It was kind of unnerving at first, but I definitely got used to it.

So last night, around 11 or 12am Cruz and I were sleeping and I get woken up by the sound of the mice. I listened to it for a second, waiting to drift back to sleep. Then I realized that it sounded closer then normal. Then closer. Then it sounded like it was right near the bed.

I panicked. WHAT THE HECK.

I didnt want to wake up Cruz, but I had to see whether or not there were little mice crawling around my bed.

So I got up and flicked on the light.

Suddenly, out of nowhere (aka the closet) a bat flew at my head. A BAT. Again, A BAT.

I freaked the freak out!

Where on earth would a bat have been hiding this WHOLE time.

Just flying around my room.

It finally landed in my robe on the back of my door, hanging upside down, all creepy.

I snatched Cruz and made a run for it.

I am sooooooo freaked out.

There is no conclusion to this post. Just that I am thoroughly disgusted that I have been living with a bat.


  1. Ack! I would have busted the heck out of there too! So gross!
    Also - I would love to trade buttons with you, but I seem to be severely technologically challenged in that area. Anyways, I added you to my sidebar list just because I think you're great. :)

  2. Yikes! I actually like fruit bats... but not IN my house!

  3. Oh girl.... you have me creeped out and I'm just a follower! I sure hope that bat finds it's way out of your house pronto!!

  4. eww eww eww! The only things I am afraid of are bats and spiders! I would have had a meltdown!!!

  5. I am so absolutely terrified of mice.


  6. oh my gosh! I would have been freaking out bad!

  7. What?! That's INSANE! Bats are so disgusting. For reals.
    I'm missing you and Cruz on Instagram. You should instagram the bat. DO IT!

  8. I would have FREAKED!!! And I thought it was bad that I had to a kill a big black spider the other night...