Self Soothing?

 Every since Cruz was born, he has made this noise while he nursed. He only does it when he is tired and trying to fall asleep. Its such a funny little sound. Actually its not a little sound, its pretty loud. Like wish-I -could-turn-the-TV-up-but-I-cant-cuz-your-trying-to-fall-asleep loud!

Have you ever met another kid that does this? My funny little music man.


  1. Avian does it when he's uber tired and nursing.

  2. LOL!!! my son does the same thing!! and I have the same reaction....ssssshhhh I cant hear the most exciting part of my show!! but too guilty to turn it up!! Cruz is too cute for words!

  3. My older son made "yum yum" noises and my baby makes noises like your little guy. The big one would also pull down the nursing cover so he could look around while he ate! LOL

    Cruz is so adorable!

  4. My son Leyton makes the EXACT same nose. We always called it "Talking to his Paci."