He Speaks!!

Cruz isnt big on conherent language. He babbles all day long. Like nobodies business, but as far as actual words, they are few and far between. Like he says Mama on occasions when he really wants something or is really upset (like in the car). And he says Dadada, which is mostly just babble. But it sounds a lot like Dada so his Dad has started responding to him whenever he says it so I think he might be starting to make the associations.

Basically, he could care less about the English language.

Except one word.


Any all balls. He doesnt care. Big, small, red, blue, hard, soft. He has no preferences. He just LOVES balls.

He has whole playrooms full of toys and he never plays with ANY of it. No matter where we go he wants to bring a ball. And he knows exactly where they keep the balls at any given store. If you take him to Target he will cry until you put him down and then he will start walking and not stop until he comes to the balls. He remembers where they are. I've never actually seen anything like it. I have never seen a one year old obsess over something like Cruz obsesses over balls.

Here is my little boy saying his one word "mmmba" aka Ball


  1. thanks for being a follower of my crazy little life. we seem like we have a lot in common. for one i actually thought about naming august, cruz sooo i absolutely love cruz's name. you seem to be doing a fabulous job being a single momma...you're more like supermomma! i'm also excited to follow you guys

  2. and the only words my little guy says is 'dadaaa' and 'baaaagooomm' which isn't a word but it's kind of cute :) hah... cruz is a DOLL, so adorable!

  3. Ah that is so cute. My son's first words were daddy, then doggy, then car, then (finally!) Mummy! Nice to know my place in the hierarchy :)