Dear Internet,

I've missed you almost as much as I've missed Michael Scott on the Office. And even more then I miss Pepsi Twist...and those M&M's with the crunchy stuff in the middle.


So, obviously its been a little quiet on the front here the last couple weeks. We have been without internet during our move and instead of fighting it and dreading about finding a way to post, I decided to just take the time off, relax and get settled.

I have about 100 million things I want to check you guys up on. New food, new clothes, new crafts, new art, new songs, new photos. SO much stuff.

But for now, I'll start with a few Instagram's from the past couple weeks.

 A smashed fingernail. No fun at ALL.

A new rug... and toenails badly in need of some polish

A little boy eating breakfast in bed, resulting in lots of laundry for Mama.

New picture at an amazingly great price.  Love Ross.

Flowers picked by a little boy for his Mama.

A new play corner for Cruz.

So glad to be back! I've missed being in the space.


  1. Yay for relaxing and getting settled. We missed you!

  2. Welcome back! I've missed your updates, but totally understand the need to take a break and get settled into a new place.