Awkward and Awesome

Do you read The Daybook? Well you totally should because this girl is too cute. And her fashion is to die for. And in honor of the fact that she is soon to join the ranks of Mama bloggers (she just announced that their expecting their first) I have decided to partake in always fun "Awkward and Awesome" thursdays.


-Accidentally saying I Love You to someone you totally DO NOT love. Like the PG&E guy on the phone yesterday. Totally distracted and when he said goodbye I replied "Kloveyoubye."..... Silence
-The lady who's foot I ran over with the grocery cart today.
-Trying to pretend you dont see someone you know walking by that you really dont want to have to stop and talk to and realizing at the last second that you cant avoid them...and knowing that they know that you were totally dodging them.
-Cruz trying to run out the door of the store in his new shoes before I paid for them and setting off all the alarms.
-Realizing that my hair is more gray/green then brown.
-The guy at the grocery store insisting (INSISTING) on putting my bags in the car for me thus seeing my embarrassingly messy car.


-Cruz saying "love you" in all vowels. He doesnt exactly pronounce the whole word but he totally uses it in context, pronounces all the vowels and has perfect inflictions.
-Finally having the Internet back!
-Cruz bringing me his diaper and laying down when he wanted me to change him today. So awesome considering its usually a WW1 reenactment to get him to sit still for a diaper change.
-Drafting a pattern for what will hopefully be a super cute cover for a hanging highchair.
-Being able to shower as long as I want now without having to worry about the hot water running out.

Do you participate in "Awkward and Awesome?" Lemme know!


  1. i love sydneys blog! haha i have been wanting to do awkward and awesome thursdays for a while now. and so fun she is preggs now. love how there are so many people excited for her that dont even know her really. the wonderful blogosphere!

  2. Haha, right?! I was totally excited for her when I found out! It is crazy how close you can feel to someone you've never even met just by following their blog!
    p.s you should totally do A&A's!

  3. Oh my goodness, I literally laughed out loud about telling someone you love them on accident! I do that all the time, HA! Great list! You have such a lovely blog here!

  4. Haha - I love this! Thanks for the giggles.

  5. i totally tell random people i love you when i am hanging up the phone. super awkward..