Kissin' Babies

So I was reading this post over at Cup Of Jo (Love her) and she brought up the subject of whether or not you kiss your babies on the lips and I thought it was such an interesting question. Mainly because it never even occurred to me that some people might not kiss their babies on the lips...

I give Cruz big ol' kisses right on his sweet little mouth. And I love when he plants a slobbery one on me.

And his Papa is the same. Since the day he was born, Papa would always kiss him on the mouth and say that he likes to smell his little breath when he breaths out because it smells so sweet.

We joke that we have to soak up the lip kisses right now because we know before too long he probably wont want to kiss our lips.

But then, while reading through the comments on Jo's post, it became apparent that TONS of people think its weird to kiss their babies on the lips. That they would never dream of laying one on their babies mouth.

What do you think? Do you kiss your babies/kids on the lips? And on the flip side, do you kiss your own parents on the lips?


  1. You know, I never really thought of this, either! I have kissed both of my girls on their lips daily since they were born! I love the smell of their sweet baby breathe, it's intoxicating! But I myself don't kiss my parents on the lips, I kiss their cheeks. I wonder when that changes? At what point do you move from lips to cheeks?

  2. I do as long as she doesn't have food or super drool all over LOL

  3. I can't remember ever kissing either of my parents on the lips.

    When I moved to England and worked as an au pair, I saw the parents of the kids I looked after, and other parents, kiss their kids on the lips. I was kind of grossed out at first, I though it was really weird, but after a while I accepted it and though "Okay, that's just how they do it, that's what they're used to, everyone's different."

    Then after I'd been working with the family for a while, the girls that I looked after started giving me kisses. They went straight for the lips, because that's what they were used to. I didn't really feel comfortable with it, but I didn't want the girls to think that what they did was wrong, because it isn't, it's how they express their love. The only reason I'm not comfortable with it is because I'm not used to it.

    I'm still not really comfortable kissing children on the mouth, but I don't really have to worry about it because the children I au paired for is the only ones that has ever done it.

    Who knows though, maybe it'll change if and when I get a child of my own.

  4. I totally kiss my boys on the lips.

    But no, I don't kiss my parents. So I guess I feel like as we get older some may not think its appropriate. It's cool for some people, but I wouldn't feel comfortable kissing my parents anymore.

  5. I have to admit that before I had kids I thought kissing on the lips was pretty weird. BUT, now I've got a little guy who loves to give me the big, mouth-wide open, slobbery kisses smack on the lips and I LOVE IT. Kale also loves to kiss the following people on the lips: his dad, his nana & papa, his aunt & uncle, all his stuffed animals, the cat (this is tricky since the cat does not enjoy kisses on the mouth), the random little girl at the library, the grocery store check out lady.... yeah, I guess this could become a bit of a problem in the future.....

  6. I have to say I come from a family of kissers...lol and at 26 I still will kiss my parents on the lips. To me it is not weird because that is how it has always been, but to my friends it is weird. My friends and I have had this conversation before and the conclusion we have come to is for them when adults kiss it has a sexual connotation to it and that is what makes it weird for them to see adult parents and adult children kiss. I don’t see it that way; it is just what we have always done and not just parents but aunts, uncles and cousins. I think of it a way to show love to one another, I love my family and don’t have a problem kissing them on the mouth but I can see how it can be weird for someone that is not used to it.

  7. I don't have a baby yet. But I can be sure I will be slobbing kisses all over mine whenever he or she comes along! Lips and everywhere else!

  8. Love me some big old sloppy kisses from my baby miss..

    don't kiss my parents on the lips anymore cant remember when it changed :)

  9. I kiss my little man on the lips. So does his Daddy. Sometimes I still kiss my mom on the lips, I think I even kiss my dad there.
    As long as he keeps it in the family I'm fine with it.