Toddler Activities

Keeping little hands busy during these long, cold days is crucial.
Here is one Cruzy really liked.

We used:
 cotton balls as "snowballs"
a bowl to hold the cotton balls
a little scoop to used for transferring
an icetray to fill 

I showed him how to use the scoop to put one ball in each little slot.

He used his hands when he was struggling with the scoop. 

He did well and enjoyed it. He got more then one in some slots but he made sure each one had some. 

Do you have any fun toddler activities that your little ones like to do?
Also, I have been searching everywhere to find some toddler sized tongs to use in place of scoops and spoons and I can't seem to find them anywhere. Any ideas?


  1. Chopsticks :-) Thanks for sharing this idea, Cassie.

    Haven't tried it with T yet, but I'm thinking bowling with different objects would be fun too.

  2. what a beautiful baby!!!<3
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    xoxo Marika

  3. Love this idea! How about martini ice tongs??

  4. Love it! Cruz looks so focused.
    I've been looking for little tongs too! The martini tongs is a good idea.

  5. ikea has kid kitchen utensils that include tongs