2 Years

It is completely beyond my ability to grasp how fast these last two years have gone by.

Let me quote the biggest of cliche's when I say "It was gone in the blink of an eye." But truly it was. 

In an effort to stay ahead of the madness this year, I designed Cruz's birthday invitations last night and hope to print them off and get them sent out by the beginning of the new year. 

Because, ya know, two year old birthday parties are a big deal and people may need time to clear their schedules! 

For my little circus performer:

Actually, in all honesty, I keep Cruz's birthday parties pretty low key. I design the cards every year because they are fun for the baby book (and quick/easy pieces to add to my portfolio) but other then that I try not to go overboard with crazy birthday planning. Its usually just family and a few friends, minimal gifts and lots of doting on the man of the hour. 

How do you celebrate birthdays? I am in the market for a fun birthday tradition for my guy. 


  1. Those invites are very cute :) I think a carnival themed party sounds perfect!

  2. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your son's name also : ) Love your little blog and excited to follow you also!

  3. Such a cute invite! And great party theme idea!

  4. You have a son named Cruz?! That is my future son's name!!! =] such a great name, good choice! ;) also, I am in love with those invites! So much fun and so unique. You are one talented mama!

  5. @larissa- thats so funny, Cruz is definitely a fun name!

  6. This invitation is amazing! You did an incredible job. I love the idea of a low-key birthday. I think we can get caught up in the planning and forget what's really important - spending time with the birthday boy!

    I'd love to hear some bday tradition ideas - we need something too!

  7. This announcement is sooo cute!!! I too like the idea of low-key birthdays...I think though because Eden's is the week before christmas that I go out a little more than I would normally. It's actually a blessing in disguise, I guess, to have a Winter Solstice baby. It forces us to focus our gift attention to her so she doesn't feel trampled by the holidays which in turns gives a sweeter meaning to the holidays because we don't really do any gifts for it.

    ANYWAYS, hmmm traditions. I don't have too many yet because my kiddo is also only just now 2. Oh but she gets a cupcake with a white rose on it each year. The white rose is the color that represents the season she was born in. Um...we also try to do more 'memory making' than gift-giving. Or doing gifts of sentimental value rather than simply just to play w/. Those are my ideas.

    Have fun!

  8. I love love love the birthday invite! That is amazing!! And yes, it certainly does fly by waaay to fast...

  9. aww love it! my son was born on Feb. 4th as well. I am trying to plan his party as well. It's a puppy theme because we always call him puppy.