Monkey Baby

If you follow me on instagram then you have already seen these pictures, but he is such a funny little dude that I wanted to post it here. 

He started here. I left to go do the dishes...

and came out to this kid. 

I was gone about 2 1/2 mins and I can clearly see and hear into the living room from the kitchen. So he did this quietly and stealthily.

He never, ever stops cracking me up. 


  1. Ah, monkey boys. My 22 month old climbed the garden wall just the other day, quite happily standing on top several feet above the ground. I swear I looked away at a bird or something for two seconds ...

    1. It is amazing how stealth they are! Gotta love 'em!

  2. I died laughing when I saw this on instagram. What a guy :)

  3. Absolutely awesome pictures. Really sweet and he is a cute little boy.

  4. Love it...my son has the same stealth like moves :)

  5. hahaha!!!
    So, I have an almost four month old little boy. But I grew up with sisters, and my sisters have had little girls... so I've been wondering what surprises raising a little boy will bring me...

    Thanks for a hilarious glimpse into boyhood!