I watched The Help earlier this week. 

I took so much away from it, more than I can articulate in this post.

But I can articulate just how much I loved this quote. 

It was an awesome reminder about how important it is to tell your kids that they are important

Its such a simple concept and I think about how important Cruz is to me every single day. But it never quite occurred to me to tell him that one simple word. I tell him how sweet he is. How smart. How cute. But not of his importance. 

I believe in loving and encouraging your children to the fullest. But more than anything I believe its important to instill in your children the ability to be proud and loving and encouraging of themselves. To not have to seek the approval of others in order to be fulfilled. That if they love and respect themselves, outside influence can never have any real or harmful affects on them. 

So today and everyday I will make sure that my son knows and hears that he is important.
To me.
To the world
And most importantly, to himself. 

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  1. I watched this over the xmas break too and really enjoyed it. Like you, I took a lot away from the movie, but this quote in particular. I had some of the same thoughts about how important it is to tell your children how important they are. It also reminded me of this article that I thought you might enjoy: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marcy-cole/problem-with-im-so-proud-of-you_b_849726.html