This wild and crazy (almost) 2 year old of mine is a very busy guy these days. Quiet activities are usually a bust and sitting still for any length of time is more than out of the question. 

For the most part, I painted the egg carton and Cruz painted the wood pile behind us. Its all one and the same to him. 

We attempted to collect some similar color objects from around the yard to fill the carton, but had to abandon it half way through to break up a chicken squabble and then head to kindergym. We will get back to it later today. 

I've been attempting to get Cruz involved in a lot more programs and activities outside of the house lately. It helps a ton with burning his energy as well as directing his attention toward education and exercise vs the god forsaken television at home (one of his favorite shows is "My Name is Earl." He actually says "Eawl" when he wants to watch. Wonder who's fault that is...) 
I used to go to this play gym as a child so its lots of fun to watch Cruz play here as well.

I've also looked into signing him up for a Momma and me nursery school on Friday mornings. Coincidentally, it is the same nursery school I went to when I was his age. Seeing as it wasn't so very long ago that I was a child myself, I find that there are lots of places/experiences/programs that I was involved in when I was young that are still around for Cruz. It's one of the many fun little perk of having a child when you are not so far from being one yourself--Although I do truly belief this about childhood:

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